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FantasyGolfTour.com believes that one of its key strengths is its robust information technology infrastructure, which is set up to accurately handle millions of users.

In our increasingly interactive and connected world, a company’s technology strategy is necessarily entwined with its overall business strategy. New technologies regularly revolutionize the context of business realities, compelling companies to rethink, retool and promptly act to remain competitive. We have an established reputation for building sound infrastructures and custom applications that require complex integration with multiple entities, systems and technologies. Information architecture and practical interface design are the critical elements in the successful integration within and between businesses.

Our application interface design ensures that we can naturally and effectively operate in today’s business world. Our Enterprise Cloud is powered by a proven Infrastructure utility computing platform. The infrastructure leverages technology from world-class infrastructure partners such as HP, IBM, VMware and Cisco and Terremark to achieve unmatched flexibility and control. The grid architecture of the Enterprise Cloud provides complete physical redundancy to eliminate downtime due to hardware failure. In fact, the system can even move applications across physical devices live and with no service interruption. Automated resource balancing provides continuous monitoring and optimization to ensure peak performance. The system’s inherent flexibility yields unprecedented scalability and agility. Server-based elasticity allows servers to dip into the pool when memory and processing is required. The Enterprise Cloud’s Dynamic Capacity Management feature allows us to automatically deal with unforeseen spikes in usage by enabling "burst mode" access to a pool of additional resources. This hybrid model provides the best of both worlds – guaranteed, reliable access to the compute capacity, with a cost-effective and dynamic way to deal with unexpected spikes. The Enterprise Cloud delivers storage on a redundant, high-performance Fibre-Attached SAN Architecture. Our Enterprise Cloud is virtualized by VMware, the leader in virtual server technology. VMware’s robust and secure virtualization platform gives us freedom and control, complete reliability and high security. With the click of a mouse we can literally dynamically provision new servers from a dedicated pool of physical resources, including processing, memory and storage and never miss a request of any Contestant.


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