How to Play


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  2. Draft your Team.
  3. Pick your Round Foursomes.
  4. Check the Real-Time Leaderboard to see where you stand at any time.
  5. Switch out Players as needed each day, depending on their performance.
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The Basics
  • Each Contest is based on an actual "Real-World" Golf Tournament.
  • FGT divides the Tournament Field into four (4) Groups of Players – "A", "B", "C", and "D" - for each Contest.
  • You Draft the required number of Players from each group per your chosen Contest.
  • Each Contest last from one (1) to four (4) days, depending on the Contest's number of Rounds.
  • You will select and play four (4) Players for each Round of the Contest – one from each Grouping.
  • Prior to the start of each Round you are free to switch out a current Player with another Drafted Player from within each lettered Group.
  • By using the FGT "Mulligan" option you can acquire new Players for your Team who were not part of your original Draft Selection.
  • Tournament Scores and Contest Standings are updated in real-time on the FGT Leaderboards throughout each Contest/Tournament.
Drafting Your Team
  • The Tournament field for each Contest is divided into four Groups of Players and labeled as Groups "A", "B", "C" and "D".
  • Groupings are done based on the Tournaments Field and are ordered by the current World Rankings. Initial Groupings will have approximately the same number of Players. Late additions to the Tournament Field are added to the Field Groupings based on their current World Ranking, if no ranking exists they are added to Groups "A" or "B".
  • You simply Draft the number of required Players for the Contest from each Group to form your Team.
Setting Your Round Foursomes
  • After making your Player Drafts and creating your Team, you will then pick one Player from each Group for each Round of the Contest resulting in your Round Foursomes.
  • You may keep the same Player Foursome for each Round, or chose different Player Foursomes from your Team for each Round.
  • Players within a Group can be changed for another Player already in your Team from the same Group, prior to the start of any Round.
  • You can choose another Player in the original Grouping that is not already on your Team by using a Mulligan prior to the start of each Round.
  • A typical Golf Tournament has what is known as a "Player Cut". If one of more of your Players has missed the Player Cut they can no longer be used in your upcoming Round Foursomes. If you do not replace the Cut Player before the beginning of the Round, you will be given a score of 78 for that Player for the Round.

The scores of your Player Foursomes from each Round are totaled for your total Contest Score. The lowest total Contest Score wins the Contest.

Tournament Playoffs and Sudden Death:
Often there will be a playoff or sudden death playoff to settle a tie for first place at a typical Golf Tournament. These scores are not part of the FGT Contests and will have no bearing on the outcome of the score of the event even if one or more of your Players is involved in the playoff. The FGT Contest event ends at the end of regulation play.

At the end of the Contest if one or more Contestants are tied for first place the tie will be settled using the FGT Tiebreaker System. The FGT Tiebreaker System uses the scores of each of your Players you set for your each of the Contest Round Foursomes. Your Tiebreaker Score will be based on the original Foursome you set of each Round of the Contest. To break ties, FGT drops the highest Player score from each tied Contestants Player Foursomes and then recalculates Tie-Breaker Score for each Contestant. The Tie-Breaker Score is then used to break the tie. If a tie remains, FGT will continue dropping the highest scores for your Foursome Players until such time that the tying scores is are broken. If the tie is not broken through the FGT Tiebreaker System the tied Contestants will split evenly the number of prize places involved in the tie.

Player Withdrawals:
If the Player withdraws before the Tournament starts you will be allowed to replace the Player before the Round begins. Players that withdraw from a Tournament Round after starting cannot be replaced for that particular Round. You will be given a score of 78 for the Player. However, in the upcoming Rounds you can trade the Player for another one of your Drafted Players or you may get a new Player through the use of a Mulligan.

Most Contest will feature a Real-Time live Leaderboard which is displayed at all times in the FGT Clubhouse so you can always see your current standings in any FGT Contest.

For more information please see the Official Rules page.


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