Official Rules


In addition to our Terms and Conditions the following rules will govern play at Fantasy Golf Tour.

Eligibility is open to individuals 18 years of age or older. Employees of Ultimate Golf Fantasy, Inc. are not allowed to win prizes.

Prizes may not be awarded to residents of Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Montana and Vermont or any other state or country that has applicable laws against playing fantasy events for prizes.

Creating an Account
To compete in any contest on you must first register. You will find a link to register as a contestant on most pages of our website located at By registering for an account you agree to complete the entire registration form with your accurate and current information, during this process you will create an account with a username and password. Do not give your account information to anyone. We suggest using a monogram as your account username, as the username will be displayed on all Contestant Leaderboards and other various places throughout the website. DO NOT USE someone else's name; such as Tiger Woods, or your account may be closed and no prizes paid. may require contestant to change their user names in cases where the name is offensive or promotes a commercial venture. The requirement to change will be determined at’s sole discretion, and if requests are ignored, may unilaterally change a player’s user name. Use the "My Account Profile" link located in "Account Info" section of the Clubhouse to keep your account information up to date.

Multiple Accounts
As a general rule, each player on is allowed one account. In special cases, may allow a second account to be created. You must receive explicit written permission from before opening a second account. It will ultimately be up to to determine whether in our best judgment two accounts belong to the same person. Penalties are at the discretion of staff, but may include closure of all accounts and withholding of any cash that we determine to have been fraudulently obtained.

Suspended Accounts
There are a variety of behaviors that are detrimental to and other contestants on the site. Engaging in those behaviors may result in suspension of some or all functions associated with your account. Suspended players are expected to respect the disciplinary actions imposed on their accounts and all communication regarding restoration of your account should take done via the Support Center. Virtual Account
The Virtual Account is an internal accounting system uses to account for monies received from and paid to Contestants, Referrers and Affiliates. All payments to and from Contestants, Referrers and Affiliates are made through our Virtual Account.

Account Inactivity
A Contestants, Referrers or Affiliates Virtual Account is considered to be inactive when a Contestant, Referrer or Affiliate has not made a transaction of any kind in 4 months. A transaction comprises any payment made to or from the Virtual Account via system payments, credit or debit cards, e-check, PayPal or a withdrawal from Virtual Account. A refunded payment is not considered a transaction. Beginning on the first day of the 5th month of inactivity and every subsequent month of inactivity, a $7.50 service fee will be deducted from the inactive Contestant’s, Referrer’s or Affiliate’s account. Additionally, Contestants, Referrers and Affiliates whom do not access the online Clubhouse for 12 consecutive months will be deemed to have abandoned the Virtual Account and may forfeit any remaining balances in the Virtual Account.

Making a Deposit
You may deposit money into your account using Pay Pal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, ACH, domestic checks, international checks or money orders You may deposit more than one entry at a time.

Deposit Bonus offers a variable Deposit Bonus which is specified at the time of deposit for all deposits made to you Virtual Account. Your Deposit Bonus Balance (shown in the top of your Virtual Account) shows you how much bonus you have earned. It will gradually become real cash in your Virtual Account for you to use as you play in our paid entry contest on the website.

All winnings for Free Contest are paid in Vouchers. Vouchers can be redeemed for merchandise located within the Voucher Redemption area of the website. Vouchers can be accumulated and do not expire. Rewards
Every time you deposit to your Virtual Account you receive an equal amount in Ultimate Rewards Dollars. Once you have accumulated 250 Ultimate Rewards Dollars you may create an Ultimate Rewards Dollars Redemption Account via the Clubhouse area of our website and use the Ultimate Rewards Dollars to save money at over 400,000 offers including dining, travel, entertainment and merchandise. These Ultimate Rewards Dollars have a one to one dollar value at the Ultimate Rewards Dollars Redemption website. Vouchers winnings may also be converted to Ultimate Rewards Dollars via the website. Ultimate Rewards Dollars do not expire.

You can withdraw your money at any time. Simply click on the Withdraw link on the Virtual Account and enter the amount you wish to withdraw. Withdrawal requests are typically processed within 72 hours. We also conduct anti-fraud checks on playing patterns and deposits prior to processing a withdrawal. For net winnings over $600 we require a valid mailing address and social security number in order to file the appropriate tax forms at year end. You can calculate the approximate net winnings as: (winnings + bonuses paid) - entry fees paid).

Withdrawal Fees
There are no fees for monthly withdrawals. However, there are fees for making more than one withdrawal during any thirty day period. The fee for any withdrawal made within thirty days of another withdrawal is $25. is not responsible for lost or stolen withdrawal checks. Any checks that are returned for incorrect address will be re-sent free of charge. Users may request replacement checks for lost or stolen withdrawal checks by paying a stop payment fee of $40. Checks that have been cleared or deposited will not be eligible for replacement.

How to Play
Go to our How to Play tab for complete directions

Entry Fees will occasionally conduct contests following the PGA, LPGA, European Tour, Seniors Tour and not-yet-announced Tours. There are two options of play; Play for free and win vouchers which you can exchange for prizes as offered; pay an entry fee to play and win cash prizes. The entry fees and other cost associated with playing vary by contest. The cost to enter any contest, total purse, prize amounts and quantity of prizes will be announced and posted before the start of any contest.

Entry Deadline
The contest entry deadline will be posted on our site for each event, typically 5-10 minutes prior to the start of the event.

Prizes and Winnings
All events at end when the last round of that particular contest is final. The FGT Leaderboard will display up to date standings in all contest. Preliminary (Non-Official) winnings are post shortly after the end of each contest. Official final winnings are posted and confirmed within 24 hours of the contest ending. Winnings posting can be found in the Clubhouse area of the website via the Contest Center. All winnings will be deposited into your FGT Virtual Account and can used to play additional contest in the future or they can be withdraw at any time. Prizes are not transferable, nor will substitutions be made.

Contest Settlement and Payment
We try to settle contests and run payments as quickly as possible, but must ensure we do so accurately. Most contests are settled shortly after the contest finishes. However, to settle we have to wait until all the player statistics have been reported by our third party stats provider. This lets us ensure that the final scores are complete. Please note there can sometimes be last minute changes. If there is difficulty obtaining official results or issues with scoring, the contest may be settled the following day. Winnings will be added to contestants' Virtual Account and will be available for withdrawal or entry into cash contest immediately.

Scoring Revisions
During the contests we receive live scoring from our stats provider. When a contest has ended they pass us a final scoring for the contest. After we receive and confirm the scores we then settle all entries. However, very rarely, the stats provider revises scores after the final score has been released. In the event of this occurring, reserves the right to make changes as required to any previous results. In these cases the settlement process (including payment) may be reversed and contests resettled correctly.

Canceled, Shortened Tournaments and Player Withdrawals
If for any reason any of the applicable tournament events are cancelled due to players strike, acts of god, technical problems or other events beyond our control, reserve the right to modify, extend or shorten that event. Any applicable tournaments officially called off due to weather with the purse distributed to players will be considered a valid event. An event must go 54 holes to be official. Canceled or non-official event entry fees will be refunded back to the accounts of the members entered.

Chat Rooms
The chat room is provided for the enjoyment of the player community. If a employee or designated chat room monitor determines your participation in the chat room to be unacceptable (at their sole discretion), the following actions may be taken; chat message deletion; temporary or permanent chat ban; temporary or permanent account suspension. Requests for restoration of chat access or queries regarding the reason for bans should be sent to via the Support Center

Please follow these simple rules; no inappropriate language – which may include, but would not be limited to any comments we believe to be abusive, harassing, impersonating, intimidating or threatening to other users; no inappropriate conversation - any topic of conversation we believe deliberately offends users or disrupts the ability of others to use the chat room effectively; no spamming - this includes any advertising; no advertising links or other websites - This includes but not limited to, links to other fantasy sports sites, sites that offer daily lineups or advice, Facebook pages, Twitter, YouTube, etc.; no spreading deliberate misinformation about player status, weather, lineups, or injuries.

Internet, Technical Site Access and Editing Problems
Please see Terms and Conditions for details on invalid or inaccurate entry information; human errors; technical malfunctions; failures or other problems that may occur. While we do our best to ensure that is functioning smoothly at all times, like any website we may periodically experience periods of outage or slow performance on the site. These can sometimes result in an inability to access the site, problems editing lineups, or problems entering new contests. If you're unable to access the site, please report the problems by emailing us at If there are sustained periods where players are unable to access site functionality, or otherwise prevented from editing lineups, we may provide instructions on how to cancel your entries.

Publicity/Liability Release
Your participation in is deemed your consent for to use your name or photographic image without written authorization at any time and without compensation to any person or entity. By participation and winning in you further agree to provide photographic images as requested by to be used as display on our website, used in our print materials or advertising. By participating you also agree to hold harmless directors, commissioners, employees, sponsors, agents, contractors, affiliates, subsidiaries, promoters, and advertising agencies from any liability whatsoever for any injuries, claims, costs, losses, or damages of any kind that may arise out of or in connection with Any attempt by an individual to deliberately damage any web site or undermine the legitimate operations of is a violation of criminal and civil law and will seek damages from those individuals to the fullest extent permitted by law.

THIS CONTEST MAY NOT BE USED FOR ANY FORM OF GAMBLING. is owned and operated by Ultimate Golf Fantasy Inc. and not affiliated with the professional golfers, the PGA of America, PGA Tour, LPGA, European PGA Tour or any sponsor of tour events. reserves the right to revise game rules anytime at its sole discretion.

Created 01/01/2012 ~ Last Revision 04/15/2014


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