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The Referral Program allows all Contestants to financially participate and benefit in the growth of the site by receiving commissions from Contestants they refer to The program is simple; you send people to the web site via one of your Referral Links found in your Referral Center once you have agreed to the Terms and Conditions of the program. They sign up and then enroll in a contest and you are paid a commission. Basically the Referral Program is revenue sharing arrangement set up by to reward those Contestants that wish promote our passion to family, friends, work associates or anyone that will listen. The more you promote website the more we are willing to share with you.

Referral Bonuses are earned based on the contest enrollments of Contestants who have been credited to you as Referrals. As long as the Referral Program exists you will receive commissions for all credited Referrals, subject to the Referral Programs Rules. Referral Bonuses are based solely on contest enrollment fees. Referral Bonuses are calculated in real-time and are displayed in your Referral Center. Referral Bonuses are grouped into commissioning periods of one calendar week. Payment of Referral Bonuses is made to your FGT Virtual Account ten days after the end of any given Referral Bonuses period commissioning period. For contest enrollments sold on the website which are made by Contestants referred through your Referral Links, you will earn (subject to the other terms of the Referral Program Agreement) a Referral Bonuses of the amount outlined here; 20% of each contest enrollment is paid as the Referral Bonus.

Get started today be Agreeing to the Terms and Conditions from within your FGT Back Office.


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