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"Fantasy Golf Tour keeps the excitement of a tournament alive until the very last putt is in. Prior to Fantasy Golf Tour it was easy to lose interest in a tournament as early as Friday afternoon if one or two of the top players did not make the cut. Now the thrill of competition continues...the PGA as well as sponsors, organizers, charities and advertisers owe Fantasy Golf Tour a thanks for keeping a tournament good till the very last putt."
Petegolf, FL

I've always been a golf fan, but more watching Sunday of the majors type of guy and never fantasy, but this has made Thurs and Fri at work plus weekends much more enjoyable. When my friends invited me play, I was definitely interested, but the site and format totally exceeded my expectations.
PJ2930, MI

"I never thought I could be so into golf, but now I'm hooked! I watch and play FGT every week!"
Marina, FL

You will find that this is the best ran golf league being offered and you will have a great time playing. By far the most enjoyable league that I have found to play.
RainDelay, TN

"You guys are awesome!"
Johnkoz9, NJ

I think Fantasy Golf Tour is really different from other fantasy golf leagues and I have to say Fantasy Golf Tour is by far the best. I never had any interest to join a fantasy golf league for money until I found Fantasy Golf Tour. The odds and prizes are so much better than other fantasy golf games.
JackUpCart, FL

I love your game format. I had some reservations about the subs and mulligans, but I do love how it makes you think a little more and with technology today, it is so easy to do. I think this is the start of something we will be doing for years.
GolfTour, CA

I have played and still do play many different fantasy golf games, not without success. This is my first time playing your game after hearing about it last year. I love the idea enabling Contestants to be able to ditch the deadwood after each round. It keeps me interested all weekend. Other games I play don't allow this, if your players fail to make the cut you're stuck with them. I feel this game genuinely has an excellent format.
ChiTown, IL

This is a great game and you guys have done a helluva job with all the coding and detail that it takes to make it work.
DramaQueen, NY

I'ved played in many golf fantasy sports leagues that have failed but you go out of your way to make this work. It is really appreciated. I think your game will be a huge success. Your format is great.
StateChamp, RI

I have played "Fantasy Golf" for years and let me say that the format here at "Fantasy Golf Tour " is the best format that I have participated in. As in all fantasy games luck plays a part, but "Strategy" plays a large part in your format as well. It is fun to be a participant in a game that makes you "THINK" along with just being a bit lucky. Thanks for a GREAT game.
MissPink, CA

The MOST important aspect to developing a NEW fantasy game is to offer a fresh game play experience that includes a unique format, easy-to-understand rules and simple strategies that make the game exciting week-in and week-out. Additionally adding rules that make the game attractive to all users for the duration of the entire season is of the utmost importance, you have certainly accomplished that goal.
DuckHook, NV

This was my first year playing fantasy golf and I had no idea fantasy golf could be so much fun. It's fun to have so many golfers to cheer for each week. I think it rivals fantasy football when it comes to adding excitement to Sunday afternoon. Thanks for all the fun this past year.
YellowBall, FL

Pro Tour Fantasy Golf is a great game! The website is well-designed and you do an excellent job running the leagues. I think you have a great game and look forward to watching your site grow.
InTheHunt, FL

I am very impressed with your website and league format. I am a crazy about this kind of stuff and usually end up doing my own spreadsheets to track various things but you seem to have everything I need already! Very well done.
GolfShoe, CA

"Thank you for an exciting format which makes my tournament viewing the ultimate in suspense and entertainment. This is really a lot of fun especially if you are in the hunt - it can make a rather boring tournament a spectacular!"
kerrymarcy, WI

"This is a great site/contest. I can tell you from the perspective from someone that finished in 2nd a couple weeks ago it was a great rush - and definitely what I signed up for."
jengh18, FL

"My only complaint, I’m addicted!"
breakfastball, FL

"Fantasy Golf Tour puts a whole new level of excitement and interactivity into the game. The ability to trade players after each round keeps you involved and connected to the action - what a RUSH!"
ProFantasyGolf, FL

"I think this site is great and play in all the cash and free contests, and think you guys do a great job. This is the best fantasy site for golf fans and hope that you will continue to offer this site for years to come"
silverfox06, FL

"I love this site!"

"I've just joined... You have great website!"
JayJay, Canada


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